Click on "Run P&C" to play.

The game is also available on Google Playstore.

Below are some instructions and information.

It is a one player nice version of my P&C Game

The game is now enjoyable for any device!

The game is also available on Google Playstore.

We play it with a mouse or fingers (depending on the device), just by clicking. Paul (for the player) wants to go out of  Carole's heart. Paul chooses path lines and Carole chooses path directions. The player have to find an optimal strategy of choosing lines to win the game with less steps and less time.

You have three levels, the Prime or Simple level, level 1 and level 2 (fidelity level). You can click on Help to get instructions.

Very nice game to enjoy on free time! Let's play!

For the little story: The word "Prime" for the first level is due the algorithm behind which uses prime numbers...


for more information.

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